My initiative… and zombies

zombie-catThe initiative process is like a zombie movie. No, really, bear with me. Let’s say you and your best friend/spouse/domestic partner are trying to fight your way to the mythical Safe Zone, where human society carries on its life away from the zombie menace. And then just when you’re outside the gates, your best friend/spouse/domestic partner takes zombie teeth to the neck and is instantly transformed into your worst nightmare. Terrible, eh?

It’s not far off from how the initiative process operates. On the one hand you can create sweeping reform in one election. But on the other hand, you often find yourself fighting for your life against a seemingly unstoppable force. You go from best friends to sworn enemies in an instant. Not a good look.

Anyhoo… initiatives are starting to pop up for 2009. The News-Tribune’s politics blog has a couple of the new ones, proposed by Jim Vaughn, Darcy Burner’s primary opponent, no less. He’s taking on our tax structure and our health care system. Not exactly the easiest issues to go after straight out of the box, but definitely interesting.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Mr. Vaughn and all the other initiative-proposing types out there.


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