Tic TOC…

othellositeplan2One of the more contentious bills worming its way through Olympia right now is the Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) bill, put forward by enviro powerhouse Futurewise and the Environmental Priorities Coalition.

The bill would change zoning densities around Sound Transit light rail stations, an especially contentious issue in the vulnerable and rapidly gentrifying South End of Seattle.

The slugfest has played out mainly between the Seattle Displacement Coalition and Futurewise. Other groups, ranging from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance to Sightline are weighing in. And now the 37th District Democrats (the de facto political arm of the South End, due to the miniscule Republican presence) have come out against the bill.

Interestingly, there has been very little hue and fuss over the bill from Eastside neighborhoods where the bill would have the same effects around East Link stations.

Politicians from the 37th (Senator Adam Kline, and Reps Pettigrew and Tomiko-Santos) have long navigated the razor’s edge of populism and policy, and it will be interesting to watch where they come down on this issue.


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