The wonders of the webs

One of the true wonders of these interwebs is how it allows people to play with information and the perception of it. Some folks do it by editing a wikepedia entry, but others really embrace the potential and create something entirely new that changes our perceptions of the world.

plalogoA great example is the Predatory Lending Association, an erstwhile website providing resources for all the good (?) people of the world who seek to open predatory loan operations. It’s a well-built site, and if you came to it by chance, it might even spook you into thinking it was real for a short time.

The point though, is that rather than present information in a standard cut-and-dried way, the brains behind the site have made something you actually enjoy picking through, but that also actually provides some hard hitting info (who knew there are that many lenders right around Fort Lewis?).

This is far from the only example of this approach, and it’s interesting to think what the ramifications of this are long-term. Is it a movement towards the edu-tainment of the Onion and the Daily Show? Perhaps a version of guerilla street art for the online constituency? Or simply a more refined version of framing the issue?

In any case, it’s a dynamite site, check it out.


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