In my state there is a problem, and that problem is transport

Ah, transportation. Nothing warms the heart of Washingtonians near and far like the warm embrace of concrete, steel ties, and lane striping. The Bus obviously loves transportation projects (duh), and we trend towards mass transit (double duh). A lot (fine, some) of the money from the federal stimulus package is going to go into transportation projects, so of course we’re following with interest.

The Seattle Times today has a list of the initial projects that might receive funding here in Washington. The quick and dirty? $492 million for highways/roads, and $179 million for transit. Not exactly a great split for public transportation, which is unfortunately par for the course.

So what is being funded? That’s being determined in part by the regional planning groups in the major metropolitan areas. The largest of them, the Puget Sound Regional Council, is planning on funding the Mercer Mess fix, interchanges on 520 and I-90, an expanded Spokane Street interchange, and renovation funds for King Street Station, among others.

Wondering what public transportation work is going on? Check out two of Washington’s leaders on car-alternative planning, the Cascade Bicycle Club and Transportation Choices Coalition. They’re what’s up (shouts to David Hiller and Rob Johnson).


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