Party time

America is a land of ideas.  In the world of politics, political parties are one manifestation of the different ideas of government and society.  However, only the well known political parties attract the most attention and not much is given to the other parties in the world. Which other parties? I thought you’d never ask! In our new semi-regular feature, we’ll highlight some of the odder political parties, both foreign and domestic. Starting now…

Mother Russia

Mother Russia

In Russia there was once a Beer Lovers Party.  Registered in 1994 with 1,700 members, the purpose of the Beer Lovers Party was “the protection of interests of beer lovers regardless of racial, national, or religious affiliation”.  Its goals included “efficient means for preservation of main natural resources, such as land, air, and especially water, which is the basis of a good beer,” and “to defend interests of not only beer lovers, but also lovers of sausage, butter, meat, tea, kvass and other lovers, with the exception of lovers of power.”

At first it was a sort of joke, supposedly mirroring the Polish Beer-Lovers Party, but during one election into the lower house of Russia’s legislature, it gained 0.62% of votes.  By that time, it had enlisted 50,000 members.

Due to the electoral failure, sponsorship for the Beer Lovers Party dropped and it eventually stopped existing. However, rumors persist that it maintains a strong underground following, spiking especially on the weekends and during the long winter months in the Pacific Northwest.


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