Hella News flash

newsboyA round-up of news for your brain.

  • New jobs can be tough, and Superintendent of Public Instruction is no different. Randy Dorn hits a couple of stumbles coming out of the blocks.
  • You would think everyone learned it in elementary school, but I guess not. There’s a bill moving through the legislature to ban lying in campaigns. Um. Yes.
  • And speaking of speech (this time as in “freedom of”), the Worker Privacy Act – that would give employees legal protections if they don’t want to listen to their boss’s political and religious views during work – is winding its way through the legislature. Boo yah!
  • You like the blogs? You must, because you’re right here. Turns out you’re not alone. The basic gist? In Washington, online readership is up, actual paper readership is down, and young folks like it electronic. Go figure.

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