The book of faces

When the Bus was filming in Olympia last week, one of the questions we asked legislators was how many Facebook friends they have. The response was a mix, everything from “what’s Facebook?” up to Rep. Marko Liias’s triumphant and highly exact answer: “1,071.”

Why does this matter? Because our generation is hooked on Facebook and other social networking sites. And it’s where we get a lot of our information. We know each other online just like we know each other in life. If legislators understand that, then they might understand us a little better as well.

One of the things we did discover, however, is that there is currently a race between members of the Senate to get the most Facebook friends. The good news? You might be hearing more from them soon. The bad news? At last tally, one Senator estimated that just a quarter of the Senate was online.

So close, and yet so far!


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