Hella news flash

newsboyHella news for yer brain:

  • These interwebs got clout! You heard it here first. That is, unless you’re following the equal rights bill to make gay marriage legal. Then you might have heard about it from far-right fundamentalists who are, apparently, launching a strong web-based campaign against the bill.
  • You like lines, right? Thanks to a tough (not tuff) economy, the Department of Social and Health Services just laid off 120 people. Crud.
  • Increased access to quality affordable health care, aka let’s-make-it-so-kids-who-get-sick-can-get-healthy-again passes the House. Now it’s on to the Senate. Who doesn’t like kids?
  • State Senator Kevin Ranker is at it again! In a good way, of course. The butt-kicking freshman Senator, who has been taking serious names when it comes to Puget Sound clean-up, has a bill to include Lake Whatcom, aka Bellingham’s drinking water, on a key study list. Good policy, great precedent.
  • And, naturally, the viaduct is in the news again. This time the Senate approves a tunnel replacement. Any guesses on how long it’ll be until this plan unwravels?

1 Response to “Hella news flash”

  1. 1 isitfriday
    March 10, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Those far-right fundamentalists are not just on the web. The ad featured in the KOMO-TV story has been localized for television in Central Washington, targeting Sen. Curtis King (R-Yakima) who was one of only 3 Republicans to support the last DP bill.

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