Still more action at the top

James Donaldson: Going for it?

James Donaldson: Going for it?

Oy vey. Seriously. There are more people popping into, out of, around, and between the Seattle mayor’s race than… well, more than something big. The latest drama involves one potential contender bowing out, and another apparently bowing… uh, in? Can you do that?

Anyhoo. Nick Licata, the Seattle City Councilmember whose name kept popping up all across town, officially announced that he’ll be running for re-election to his current Council seat.

On the other end of the spectrum, James Donaldson appears ready for a more official move into the race. He recently jettisoned his first consultant, Christian Sinderman, and brought on genial man-about-town and ur-constultant Blair Butterworth. Donaldson was originally considering a council run, and since Sinderman works with the current mayor, the move was only to be expected. Also expected? An announcement about the formation of an exploratory committee. Sounds somewhat familiar…

Still unknown: will Peter Steinbrueck make a bid to return to public service and throw his hat into the ring against Nickels? They butted heads while Steinbrueck served on the Council, and his name carries weight. Not to mention his name has been thrown around in regards to the mayorship seemingly since Seattle was founded.

Of course, the only constant in this whole shebang is the fact that it keeps shifting. Despite polling showing Nickels to be an unpopular candidate, no opposition has been able to find traction for their run. Nickels might not be on the high ground of popularity, but at least he’s on solid ground.


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