The morning after bill

The dust has officially settled, and we, aka you, can now look back and see which bills are still alive after last night’s deadline. It’s always painful to have to bid adieu to good legislation (TOC, we hardly knew ya), but it also allows us to focus even more on what’s still alive.

The Bus has been working on a very specific set of legislation (perhaps you’ve seen the posts here, here, here, here, here, here and here), and we’re gearing up to push through the second half of the legislative session.

So which Bus-supported bills are still going strong? Here’s a break down for ya:

  • SB 5735, the Cap and Invest bill – Cut pollutions emissions, incentivize the market to develop green technology, be badass.
  • HB 1747 + SB 5854, the Efficiency First bill – Here’s a basic formula: make your house efficient, use less heat, save money. Boom. And make it accessible for folks who don’t make hella money.
  • SB 5629, the Proven Programs bill – Sex education should be actual education. Give us the facts, because the fake stuff is just dumb.
  • HB 1025, Textbook pricing – Hey college students, you know how expensive textbooks are? This bill makes sure you have the prices in hand before school starts so you can comparison shop and actually get a good deal. Boom.
  • HB 1517, Felon Voting rights restoration – In Washington, if you’re a felon, you lose your voting rights. How does that further a re-integration into society for past offenders? We don’t know either. Fix it.

Bottom line, there’s a lot of work yet to do. And you can follow along easily – any post we put up about Bus bills is adorned with the clever tag “Bus bills.” Yes, we thought of it ourselves.

So thanks for rocking it already, and get yer yoga pants on, because now it’s time for the home stretch!


1 Response to “The morning after bill”

  1. 1 asiangoddez
    March 16, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Great, good coverage!

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