RIP Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Photo by Joshua Trujillo, one of our favorite PI photographers

Photo by Joshua Trujillo, one of our favorite PI photographers

The demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s print edition. It’s all over the internet now (heck, we even reported it already), but it’s worth delving into a little deeper now that more details are emerging.

What’s clear: something will be missing, it’s just not exactly clear what. For the most part, folks our age get their news off these interwebs, and the PI is going to live on in online form. We’ll probably read it as much as we always have, or even more if they make it more interactive and web-friendly.

But while it’s tempting to think that we’ll be able to continue getting the same news coverage as we always have, you have to wonder. The great power of the dailies was their massive staffs and their ability to delve into complex issues with a network of resources at their disposal. We may be able to get the news, but what’s that content going to look like?

That said, the possibilities embodied in an agile, engaged and (most importantly) professional online news outlet are thrilling. A more full integration of citizen journalists into the breaking coverage, an institution designed to be un-institutional, and a leader in the new media. Not bad things, but then again, as always the proof is in the pudding.

So Seattle Post-Intelligencer, farewell. We grew up reading you. We like your comics section better than that of the Times, and we always thought your name was funny. The PI is dead, long live the PI.


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