Blowin’ up

And not in the explosive way…

The Census Bureau (aka Gary Locke’s new stomping grounds, pending confirmation) just put out some new figures this morning, and it’s a very nice little snapshot of population growth around the state.

So who’s getting big? Well, the whole state really. Between July 1, 2007 and July 1, 2008, Washington grew by 1.5%, outpacing the rest of the country by a healthy .6%.

That may sound small, but Washington’s 11% growth rate since 2000 rounds out to 655,081 new Washingtonians, or the equivalent of a city larger than Seattle picking up and moving in.

The fastest growth areas were Oly (up 2.9%) and the Tri-Cities (up 3.5%), two of the Bus’s favorite corners of the Evergreen State. The largest absolute population increase (that’s a “math” term) came in the Seattle-Bellevue-Tacoma region, which added 46,588 residents, bringing the metro area to 3.34 million individuals. To put that into context, the entire population of Oregon, Washington’s pants, is 3.6 million. Dang son.



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