Bio fuel!

The Bus is more than a little excited for Vegfest this weekend. Free samples of organic, delicious, animal-free food? What isn’t there to love? The Bus will be there, taking in the green foods, most likely hovering around the Mighty-O donuts booth and lamenting the missing Cyberdogs samples. To prep our palettes, we’ve been working on our own vegetarian cooking. Here are three quick and easy vegetarian recipes:vegofwa2

Brushcetta for snacking

Really easy and pretty tasty (or tastey, according to Fergie). Take two tomatoes and a half of a white onion. Dice up the tomatoes and then dice up the half-onion even smaller. Then, mince a clove of garlic and mix it all up. Add salt, pepper, and olive oil to taste and let it chill in fridge. When you’re ready for it, toast baguette slices and top them with the bruschetta. And then eat it.

BBQ Tofu Sandwich for lunch

Take some extra firm tofu and pat it dry before cutting it into sandwich sized squares. Then, cut those blocks into strips and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. This should only take about three or five minutes. Let them cool and drain out any excess oil. Then, stir them around in your favorite BBQ sauce and put them between two nice slices of toast or a hamburger bun. For extra deliciousness, add some lettuce and some vegan cheese.

Ice cream for dessert

Head to local supermarket. Buy Soy Dream ice cream sandwiches. Take out of box. Unwrap. Place sandwich in mouth. Be happy.


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