And finally there’s an official announcement

A great bushy beard

A great bushy beard

It’s been reported since yesterday, when his press release went out, and rumored since, well, a while ago, but today it’s official. Mike McGinn, lawyer, Sierra Club Chair, and founder of the Seattle Great City Initiative, is in the race for Seattle mayor.

The basic pitch? Seattle schools are in trouble, internet-access should be a city utility, and we need better bus service.

Okay. Those all sound like reasonable – or at the very least reasoned – thoughts. And McGinn is coming to the table with the support of a sizable chunk of the environmental community (despite Nickels’ aggressive courtship of that key voting bloc).

So damn. That means today is the first day that there is a legitimate mayoral race in Washington’s largest city. That’s some big time business.

McGinn’s press event was held at Cap Hill pizza stalwart Piecora’s, the site of many a down-home political event. As the Bus departed, to-go pizza in hand, we heard noted area walrus Joel Connelly remarking about the pedigree of Piecora’s-originating events.

“It’s where Dean started,” quoth Connelly, to which the wistful response was “a Dean for Seattle?”

Sure guys, but let’s remember two things as we look ahead to the next seven months of campaigning: the Piecora’s lineage includes other such impactful campaigns as Steve Berens’ run for congress.

Wait. Who? Exactly. This is just step one, and a lot of folks have gotten started in Piecora’s back room. The race just got more interesting, but we’re really curious to see which campaign is actually going to bring the ruckus.


1 Response to “And finally there’s an official announcement”

  1. 1 Skyzoo
    March 24, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    This is interesting, but not entirely surprising. We’ve been waiting for someone (anyone) to step into this race. Mike’s a good guy with good ideas, but I’m a little concerned about his big three issues. Schools: that’s a district issue. Viaduct: state and county are dictating a lot of it. Bus service: King County. Maybe he’s got responses to all this, and I would like to see them. He’s been around long enough to know that it’s not just seattle that decides these things.

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