If you’re no longer in the P-I…

…where are you?

Photo by Seattle Times, which is ironic.

Photo by Seattle Times, which is ironic.

Turns out you’re very quickly becoming part of this whole blogosphere/internet/new media community (which still hasn’t officially admitted us. All we want is the secret handshake!). Somewhat ironically, the Times has a story today about the many web ventures P-I alumni are launching left and right.

We actually saw this list last week, on the blog of former P-Ier (which we’re now having trouble tracking down, but will post when we find it). It’s a pretty extensive list, ranging from the very specific (Regina Hacket’s art coverage) to the highly ambitious (an entirely new online publication, staff-run, and sustained with a membership service, much like public radio).

While we still have to check ourselves everytime we start saying “Seattle’s dailies,” it’s actually pretty exciting to see what folks are coming up with. They say crisis presents opportunity (they being the homie Rahm), and if that’s the case then the local media opportunities must be limitless right about now.


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