Budget, monday, ouch

Today’s a big day. And tomorrow’s going to be another big one. The Senate is due to release their budget proposal in a matter of hours, and the House is putting its out tomorrow. In case you didn’t see our Live from Oly video, the budget (and what is/isn’t included in it) is pretty much driving every legislator mad.

And while the budget might not be the sexiest of sexy times, it puts into place the structural underpinnings that run our entire state. The Seattle Times got some early words on where the cuts are likely to come from, and all we have to say is “ouch.” For all you public employees out there, the next couple of months are likely to be nail-biters. Here’s some of the estimated damage: 12,000 public employees cut, 3,000 teachers gone, and 3,000 college faculty losing their jobs.

To be perfectly honest, the Bus didn’t even know there were 3,000 college faculty in Washington, much less enough that that many could lose their positions and we could still have colleges and universities. Go figure.

Bottom line, today is going to hurt. Keep your eyes on these here prizes.


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