Wikipedia vs the city

Blowing my mind.

Blowing my mind.

Now this is a concept that makes you stop and think. An article in the New York Times’ Week in Review section draws a comparison between the structure of Wikipedia, and the structure of a city.


Yes, it’s a pretty conceptual approach, but the Bus is nothing if not esoteric. Well, maybe not, but seriously, this is very cool. As online tools become more advanced and more familiar, we’re seeing a much higher level of thought put into how one conceptualizes and organizes information, and this article is the latest to make you stop and scratch your chin.

For instance, let’s say you’re a group that does political organizing, like, uh, say, the Bus. When an analysis of this caliber comes waltzing down the road it pushes you out of your established comfort zone, allowing you to rethink your entire approach.

How do your various online resources combine to become greater than the sum of their parts? Are you allowing the necessary flexibility? And what sort of community are you building in your online city?

All fascinating ideas, perhaps good to spend a weekend chewing over. But remember! This weekend’s rule is no computers. Too much sun predicted statewide – enjoy it!


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