From White Castle to White House

We will poke you right back, Mr. Penn!

We will poke you right back, Mr. Penn!

Ah, Kal Penn…Fantastic hair, fantastic acting skills and a passion for politics. He’s the Bus crush du jour, and a certified Bus homie.

After a stint as an Obama campaign volunteer last year, Kal is now taking a leave from acting for a position in the White House Office of Public Liaison. We’re not quite sure what that office does, but we do know that he’ll have special responsibilities as a liaison with the Asian-American and arts communities.

We love people who love the arts, and we especially love it when young smart people take over the world, starting with the White House. Big up yourself, Mr. Penn, big up yourself.


1 Response to “From White Castle to White House”

  1. 1 melly mel
    April 8, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    for the record, kal penn stood in line behind me at the baltimore airport at 3:30am on the way back from the inauguration. our conversation went as follows:

    kal: “is the front desk open yet?”
    me: “no, i think it’ll be awhile”
    kal: “oh”

    i’ve had a crush on him for quite a little while.

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