I and I-100

You’ve read about I-100, the No New Jail initiative on this here blog before, and you’ll definitely be reading about it more. You also may have caught a good update on the initiative over at the Seattle Times.

The article touches on two very important points: 1) the campaign is coming down to the wire on signatures, and needs your help to get over the top, and 2) there are rumblings that the city council is considering taking premptive action on the new jail issue.

The Bus heartily recommends that you help out the I-100 campaign with signature gathering. You can contact the campaign here, and get signature sheets. Or you can contact the Bus, and we’ll get you sorted. Our favorite method? Throw a potluck/bbq (weather permitting) and have everyone who shows up put down their John Hancock. Boom. Pow. Signatures.

As for the second item, it’s highly interesting, but until there’s a specific piece of legislation and the votes are official, nothing’s certain. Your best bet? Get signatures today!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the signature gathering party and show at the Sunset in Ballard on Sunday! Be there or be rectangular (like square, but worse).


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