ORCA: no longer just a whale

orcaIf you’ve ridden Metro, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, or any other of the central Puget Sound transportation networks, you’ve probably seen an odd little box right by the front door of your bus.  The box doesn’t do anything, but it does say “ORCA” right on it.

Let the confusion end. Today, ORCA is going active. And what it does (or rather, hopes to do) is pretty ambitious.

In essense, ORCA (which stands for One Regional Card for All) is a farecard that is good on seven of the largest transit networks, smooths the transfer process, and has a microchip that allows you to pay by waving it at that weird box at the front of your bus.

Assuming it works smoothly (a big if), it will make your transit experience much, much smoother. Today marks the very first formal step towards implementation, and you’ll be seeing more of ORCA around in the weeks and months to come.


1 Response to “ORCA: no longer just a whale”

  1. 1 Don't even get me started.
    April 20, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    Geez, what a clever acronym. I just hope it works well given the high cost/overtime it took to implement.

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