Big tings

Anytime a deadline is popping up, things start to get crazy, and Olympia is no different. The bills are flying fast and furious, including some surprise bills that are going to shake things up around the state.

Some of the big fellas:

  • The long-debated Basic Education bill passed, albeit in highly amended form. A sore point of contention between the teachers’ union and a coalition of education reformers, this bill restructures the funding and accountability mechanisms the state employs. Why is it a big deal? Well, K-12 education funding is right around 40% of the state’s budget, and while this bill doesn’t affect the amount of money going into schools, it will drastically redefine future investments.
  • Publicola’s got a nice little feature on their “sleeper bill of the year,” a Hans Dunshee original that expands green building standards to the economic development departmen. Hans is one of the Bus’s all-time favorite legislators (and not just because he challenged Rep. Eric Pettigrew to an arm-wrestling match), and this bill sounds like a keeper.
  • And last but certainly not least, every single one of the Bus bills has passed out of their respective houses and awaits the Governor’s tender signature!

As usual, Publicola is on their grizzly with the Olympia coverage. Check them for the latest and greatest!


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