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Live from Neumo’s

When we threw the City Council Spectacular last week, we wanted to give the candidates a chance to tell us why they are running. So we did. And we recorded their reason for running. And we put it on “the internet” (which is where you are now).

And so, the Bus is proud to present, in reverse alphabetical order (let’s mix things up, eh?), the candidates for Seattle City Council, and why they’re running for office:

Rusty Williams

Robert Sondheim

Jordan Royer

Robert Rosencrantz

Dorsol Plants

Mike O’Brien

David Miller

Nick Licata

Marty Kaplan

Jessie Israel

David Ginsberg

Richard Conlin

David Bloom

Sally Bagshaw

Thanks to Joshua Guerci for the video work!


New hotness

Golden Mic King

Golden Mic King

One of our favorite young dudes on the local music scene is GMK, aka Golden Mic King, aka the Brilliance (his words, not ours).

He’s opening up for Wale at Neumo’s on Wednesday, and recently released a remix of Wale’s “Chillin” along with New York it-girl-of-the-moment Lady GaGa. It is, as the kids say, “that fire.”

Download right thurr. Enjoy (and thanks to Blogs Is Watching).


March forth

Not a date, nor a marching band, but a proliferation of good events coming up, mainly centered around marches.

The first: the May Day march for worker’s rights, sponsored by El Comite.


The second: One America forum on immigration (conveniently close to the above rally. Huh. Maybe you should go).


And finally, the third: the 6th annual NARAL Run and Walk for choice!

naralrunWhew. Lots of good things. Choose one. Or two. Be there!