What starts with “special” and ends with “session”?

Jeez, it's not THAT bad.

Jeez, it's not THAT bad.

Hint: there’s nothing in between.

It’s all but official, the legislature is going to be re-convening in Olympia for a short session sometime this summer. When and for how long, well that’s a different question.

The Governor has the ability to call the House and Senate back to town, and to request that they work on a particular set of issues (in this case, a likely slate of three bills). But it’s up to the discretion of the House and Senate leadership to stick to that schedule. Naturally, only serious masochists would want to spend much more time in Oly following this brutal session, but there is no hard and fast rule on it. Could be a day, and theoretically could be up to a month.

So what bills are the likely targets? The three subjects are wide-ranging, and potentially divisive. Of the three bills, one would allow school districts more flexibility with school levies, one would reduce the minimum sentences for specific drug charges, and the third would allow the immediate deportation of illegal immigrants who are convicted of crimes.

None of those bills are without controversy, and it’s never too early to contact your legislators and tell them how you feel. Want to look up their info? Check it here.


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