Clear sky testify

CO2 baaaad

CO2 baaaad

It’s not every day that the EPA drops a formal hearing process into our neck of the woods. These things tend to happen in the other Washington, far from where we can get at them easily. But no more.

On May 21st, the EPA is holding a hearing about the CO2 Endangerment study right here in good ole’ Seattle!

Firstly, yes, just what the hell is a CO2 Endangerment study? Basically, it’s recent a study that found, surprise surprise, that CO2 is bad for us, and endangers our health. Doesn’t sound too groundbreaking to you? Well, despite the fact that it might seem like basic knowledge, it hasn’t been established officially on this level before.

Nature goooood

Nature goooood

A finding like this allows environmental advocates to frame a ton of issues, be they housing, transportation, or social justice through the environmental lense. That means there are regulations and incentives in place, and legal recourse for community groups.


Hey, you know what you should do? You should totally come to the rally before the hearings. It’s perhaps your single best chance to affect national environmental policy on this scale, and having a ton of folks there is key. You can sign up here, you’ll be kicking it with your Bus peoples on the day of!

To review:
Support common sense environmental policy, aka CO2 is bad for you, bro.
Rally on May 21st from 12 – 1. Now that’s a power lunch!
Pier 66 on Seattle’s waterfront (2211 Alaskan Way)

See you there!


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  1. 1 asiangoddez
    May 14, 2009 at 10:06 pm

    That pic is from my home state of West Virginia. Good ole Blackwater Falls šŸ™‚

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