Big Homie Style #3

We like to give a little shout out to the brilliant folks who make all our work possible over here at the Bus. And one of those people is the gentleman behind some of the Bus’s best graphics, Mr. Adam Haynes.

BunnyBall2_PLWPSmallYou’ve seen his work on the Bunny Ball 2 posters (the ultra-souped up bus on the flyer is pure Adam), and if you’ve ever seen a Bus business card, that’s him too. In fact, word on the street is that some lucky Bunny Ball 2 attendees, and all monthly members, will get a limited edition Adam Haynes print at the event….

Adam’s based out of the rugged beauty of Bend, Oregon, and does some ridiculously awesome design work. Where some folks get pegged in as either fine art or brand development, Adam is able to skate right down that line, bringing together the best elements of both.

ghostrideWe got hooked up with him through Opticons, a shadowy organization (all the best ones are) that connects non-profits with awesome artists. It’s a pretty brilliant idea, and one of those slap-your-forehead connections.

Thanks to Adam for all his work. He’s definitely in the Big Homie wheelhouse. Or the treehouse. Dude likes trees. And we’re fans too.


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