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Three things we love about you.

Up in the VIP

Bus. VIP. Ah yeah.

1) We love that you came out to Bunny Ball 2 at Havana. You, and hundreds of your new friends, got together to kick off the summer and begin the drive to the August 18th primary. And you got to shake your groove thang. That’s a home run.

2) We love that you signed up to get your friends to vote in the August 18th primary. All told, Bunny Ball attendees made pledges to get 598 (we counted) of their friends to vote, and believe you me, we’re going to help you follow through.

3) We love that we were able to celebrate the champions of our Mile High Club contest – Zanne and Kasi cleaned up the field with new monthly members, and got to hold down the VIP loft in Havana (ie: that picture just up top).

All in all, a huge and smashing success! Thanks to everyone for coming out, and for putting the primary election front and center as summer creeps out of the cave its been huddling in. And special thanks to all our partners for another awesome Bunny Ball: Spacecraft, Sno Con, PLWP Photography, Caffe Vita/Via Tribunali, Havana and Adam Haynes.

More pics coming soon….