Do the knowledge

Just another day at the candidate forum.

Just another day at the candidate forum.

Well this should be big… back-to-back candidate forums tomorrow and Wednesday, featuring some of the county’s biggest names. Your chance to either flex your expertise or get your game up.

Tomorrow, June 2nd, there is a massive candidate forum going down. Candidates from the some of the biggest races this year – Mayor (sexy), County Executive (double sexy), and Port Commission (omg sexy) – will be on the hot seat for your pleasure.

It’s an unusual combination, and should draw some pretty stark contrasts. We’re hoping that all the folks who are angry/excited about the much higher-profile mayoral and exec races show up and get jazzed over the Port Commission too. After all, they’re one of the most powerful governmental entities around, and often the least known.

It’s all going down at the Labor Temple (2800 1st Ave) at 6:30 pm.

And speaking of the Port races, the following night you can double your sexytime with a forum billed as the biggest Port Commission event of the year. As in big-time, no mess, real-deal goodness. There are two dozen badass community organizations presenting the event, at the South Park Community Center (8319 8th Ave South) at 7 pm.

We think it’s pretty schweet to hold such a big event in South Park, a neighborhood that gets far too much attention when something bad happens, and tends to be overlooked for high-profile events like this. Be there!


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