What’s the deal with college?

A scholar.

A scholar.

It’s a good question. For some people the answer is clear (“yes” “no” “Asher Roth?”), but oftentimes figuring out the route to continuing education, and how to pay for it, is a complicated process (especially as we see tuition increases throughout Washington and across the country).

So what’s a gal/guy to do?Ask somebody, sucker! And because the Bus is your friend, we know just the folks you should talk to. The NELA College Success Foundation. They’re good folks, and they have 2 (two) programs you should know about.

1) Know How 2 Go, a program that helps plug you into the college process regardless of where you are in life. Middle school? Check. Junior in high school? Check. Mentor? Check.

2) And remember how costs are increasing? Well NELA has the College Bound Scholarship, which is a 4-year full ride in Washington State. The only catch? To qualify you have to sign up online by June 30th. So soon! If you’re even thinking about applying, sign up today.

So check ’em out. Apply. Get the knowledge.


1 Response to “What’s the deal with college?”

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    June 5, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Also check out Seattle Education Access (SEA) at seattleeducationaccess.org.
    Seattle Education Access provides higher education advocacy and opportunity to people struggling to overcome poverty and adversity.

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