Oh, health care

Good, old-fashioned health care.

Good, old-fashioned health care.

For the last forty years, health care has been just like the weather: everybody always talks about it, but nobody ever does anything about it. You may have notice that lately, that maxim’s no longer holding true.

We as a country are in the midst of, potentially, a watershed moment for health care access. That means we, as the public, are constantly bombarded by new information and arguments about arcane policy and obscure laws. Oy. It can make a Bus tired just thinking about it.

So what’s a discerning public to do? Well, we’re here to help. Firstly, make like Clinton Sparks and get familiar. Ezra Klein, domestic policy blogger for the Washington Post/noted young person has broken down sections of the Big Question into digestible chunks. It’s a good way to get up to speed in a hurry, and to feel smarter next time one of your friends looks to you for guidance (we know it happens, don’t be so modest).

Rep. Jim McDermott (D – Seattle) has emerged as one of the foremost spokespersons on health care in the House (emerged is the wrong term – he’s been doing it for years). Check the video here to see where one of Washington’s own stands on the health care debate.


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