Welcome to the Twitterdome

It’s way better than the Thunderdome.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Twitter is doing something important – that it’s filling some gap we didn’t even know existed in our information consciousness. As much as we don’t like to be the shrill guy in the corner preaching with the enthusiasm of the newly-converted, we’re totally going to (bear with us).

We saw it in Mumbai, and we’re seeing it on a national and international level now in Iran: Twitter providing a simple, real-time flow of information that makes any other source look slow and lumbering in comparison.

We’ve often described Twitter as like being in a room with you friends. You can have one on one conversations, and you can also hear what the people around you are saying. Or both at the same time. It just so happens that now the room is the entire world, and we’re talking about a nascent quasi-revolution.

Bottom line: we like Twitter. Once you get past the hundreds of “dude on bus just fell lol” tweets (yes, we said tweets), it’s a ridiculously amazing communication tool. This guy says it pretty well:


1 Response to “Welcome to the Twitterdome”

  1. 1 Green
    June 17, 2009 at 11:35 am

    Twitter covering Iran is crazy – about 300 posts every 10 seconds currently. Check out the live search feed:


    History in the making!

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