Oh hey there, it’s me, the environment

Also a parade... slighly older.

Also a parade... slighly older.

What are you up to tomorrow? Got some free time? Like the environment (don’t lie, you’re totally crushing)? Like parades? Well we’ve got just the thing for you.

In case you hadn’t heard, the Feds are poised to pass some truly groundbreaking environmental legislation – as in an actually strong green jobs and global warming bill. The catch? It needs to pass, and to do that the powers that be need votes.

So. What you can do. Stop by Congressman Jim McDermott’s office tomorrow (that would be 1809 7th Ave, Suite 1212) and drop something off for him that tells him why you want the House to pass a strong Federal global warming bill. The whole shebang is called the Parade of Reasons, and we personally believe that any excuse for a parade is good – and this reason happens to be excellent!


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