Hella News Flash

newsboy1Hella News – hearty, filling, a big bowl of what’s good for ya.

  • Big: For pretty huge news, this got surprisingly little coverage: the WASL is going away. Yes, the lightning rod of educational controversy is being phased out, fulfilling the main campaign promise of State Superintendent Randy Dorn. Not that there won’t be a high-stakes standardized test, it’ll just be shorter and eventually online.
  • Unfortunate: Turns out biodiesel isn’t the clean energy saviour it was thought to be originally. In fact it’s a little more polluting than regular fossil fuels. Really? Damn. Looks like the City of Seattle saw this too, and went cold turkey on their previously 73,000 gallon/month biodiesel use. Ouch.
  • Questionable: One of the emerging themes in the King County Executive’s race is the distribution of new Metro bus service. Currently Seattle gets 20% of new service, and the Eastside and South King County each receive 40%. The Exec candidates seem to, generally, think it’s an outdated set-up, but are having trouble negotiating the delicate line between addressing it, and the potential to trigger anti-Seattle resentment. Well, now it’s looking like Metro service cuts will fall most heavily on Seattle, bringing this isse to the fore. How will the Execs respond? Let’s watch and see…

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