Hella News Flash

newsboy1Hella News Flash – Because when you don’t know the answer you just sound silly.

  • Initiative hubbub – First the good news: an anti-immigrant initiative didn’t gather enough signatures, and won’t be on the ballot this November. Jubilation. Next, the not-so-good news: Eyman’s latest, I-1033, submitted more than enough signatures, and will come before the voters this Fall. What does the intitiative do? Well, it would cap how much of their general fund revenue cities, counties and the state could use per year, limiting it to a combo of inflation and property taxes. The result? The fiscal equivalent of hamstringing and sucker punching the budgets of municipalities all across the state. While they’re down. From behind. At night. Bottom line: not a good look for your neighborhood schools and your kids’ health care.
  • New arrivalsWashington’s still growing, if a little slower than a couple years ago. Total state pop? Coming in hot at 6,668,200, up 13% from 2000. Other big news? The city of Seattle cracks the 600,000 population mark for the first time ever, and is outpacing the state’s growth. Six hundred thousand? That sounds so real…
  • New departures? – After a legislative session spent hinting at a Washington pull-out, Boeing continues to rattle its metaphorical saber (unless they also have real sabers, we have no way of knowing). Word on the street is that production of the 787 may be shifting to South Carolina, which, last time we checked, is well outside Washington. Really, Boeing? We’re going to have to go through this again?
  • These internets – Oh, not, these internets? The Feds may be riding in on white stallions with funding to remove 90% of the estimated 220 tons of derelict fishing nets clogging Puget Sound. Two hundred and twenty tons of NETS? That’s a ton. Or, hundreds of tons, rather.

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