Again with the votes

Remember this crap? We're doing better now.

Remember this crap? We're doing better now.

Holy crapola, we just can’t get enough of King County’s voter turnout tracker. For the political types, it’s like blood in the water. Or a highly addictive substance. Or some combination thereof. Anyway.

The point is, we can’t stop checking through the updates in various locales’ turnouts. We’re hooked. Should it be fascinating that North Bend voters are voting in almost exactly the same proportion as the County-wide average? Should we be entranced by seeing that yesterday just three votes by Skykomish voters were counted, as compared to 6,096 by Seattle voters?

Actually, the answer is yes. And we think you should be too. And not just because it will let you armchair quarterback the political discussions at the barbeque this weekend. Check it. Love it. Let the cleansing waters of voter turnout wash over your parched body. It’s the goodness.


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