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We want these days to last:


Do you like paying more for your daily commute? How about the idea of possible elimination of the ride free area? Longer bus waits? …Didn’t think so. But unfortunately, this might be the result of the Metro’s $213 million budget gap over the next two years. The gap would cause a temporary cut on bus service throughout all of King County until resources are recovered, which, totals up to about 310,000 hours of service. Sad, but I guess this is just the way the economy rolls…



Go Wendy go!

Go Wendy go!

One of the Bus’s very own, Wendy Cho Ripp, was just today confirmed as the newest member of the City of Seattle’s Pedestrian Advisory Board. Super badass! The Bus rolled down to City Hall to give Wenzilla some love, and to congratulate all the new Boards and Commissions members. Way to be Wendy!


Radio killed the interwebs star

Radio is active.

Radio is active.

This last Sunday you may have heard the dulcet tones of the Washington Bus gracing the airwaves of a CBS radio station in your neighborhood. Lee Callahan, intrepid maven of the airwaves, interviewed Toby from the Bus about what it is we do, what it means to have a powerful youth voting bloc, and the effect of the youth vote in tomorrow’s primary election.

Listen to it right here.

We like it, and you will like it, just as soon as you listen to it. Check it out!


Bus + Bus = magic

The magic is happening right. Before. Your. Eyes.

The magic is happening right. Before. Your. Eyes.

Yup, that’s two Busses, back to back. Last weekend, our friends down at the Bus Project brought a full load of volunteers up from the Beaver State to help us get out the vote in Seattle. Thanks Bus Project!

Our powers combined, we knocked on over 3,200 doors in one afternoon, a huge impact, especially considering that just 14.20% of Seattle voters have sent in their ballots. Got a ballot? Get it in, wodie!


So so def

Is it lunch yet? For real.

Is it lunch yet? For real.

This is the real goodness. The Delridge Produce Cooperative is a brand new venture that’s just starting to take off. The basic premise: some neighborhoods get the very short end of the stick when it comes to food options – especially of the healthy and affordable variety. Delridge, in Southwest Seattle, is one of those neighborhoods. And so a group of folks are doing something about it – starting a fruit and vegetable co-op. Boom.

It’s awesome for a couple reasons: Firstly it’s boiling up from the community, which is important. Secondly, it’s a co-op in the original sense 0f the word – providing more affordable access to items that are often out of a price range. And thirdly – well, thirdly we just think it’s a cool idea, and its great to see smart folks putting good ideas into practice. Good on ya.


Your election night party planner

Hella baller.

Hella baller.

Everyone loves a horserace. And everyone loves predicting winners from, say tomorrow’s primary election. We can’t 100% predict winners, but maybe we can infer the candidates’ confidence based on the type of party they throw on election night. Sure, why not?

Primary election night parties run the full spectrum – some folks are going big, and some are literally going home.The Bus is here to help you figure which is which, with our handy rating system of Baller, Smaller, and Have to Holler? The names say it all (except for that last one, which means a private party).



MuniLeague, Publicola, Seattle Works
2313 1st Ave
7:30 – 11

Dow Constantine
1916 Post Alley

Jan Drago
McCoy’s Firehouse Bar & Grill
173 S Washington St

Susan Hutchison
The Edgewater
2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67

Joe Mallahan
801 First Ave.

Mike McGinn
1010 East Pike St.

Greg Nickels
UFCW Hall, 5030 1st Ave.

Larry Phillips
Spitfire Grill
2219 Fourth Ave.

Baller by Association
(hopping on the Muni League/Publicola party at Twist – nice move, guys!)

Bobby Forch

Dorsol Plants


Sally Bagshaw
Ancient Grounds
1220 1st Avenue
7:30 – 9:30

David Bloom
Two Bells
2313 Fourth Avenue

Rob Holland
Copper Cart Café
113 Bell Street

Nick Licata
Newmark Tower
1415 2nd Ave
7:30 – 11

David Miller
Cloud City Coffee
8801 Roosevelt Way NE

Jordan Royer
Collins Pub
526 Second Avenue

Norman Sigler
1914 Post Alley

Yes (Green Bag Campaign)

3517 Fremont Avenue N

Have to holler?

Ross Hunter
Private party

Jessie Israel
Private party

Marty Kaplan
No information available

No to Seattle Bag Tax
No information available

Mike O’Brien
Private Party

Robert Rosencrantz
No information available