Gabe’s Picks: Hella Bus x Hella New Music

Holy crap we like new music. Luckily, we have our ear to the ground on finding the newest and best goodness – specifically, the ear of the Bus’s music/art expert Gabe. Watch this space for Gabe’s Picks, the only music you should care about.

The first artist is Austin’s Neon Indian, headed by Alan Palomo who also started Ghosthustler and VEGA.  Listen and download his summer jam, Deadbeat Summer, below.  Neon Indian will be playing at Nectar on November 15th.

Download Deadbeat Summer Here.

Wave Machines are group out of Liverpool, England.  They bring upbeat alt rock, that unlike most gloomy “alternative” music, actually makes you want to get up and dance. And possibly even go.

Download I Go I Go I Go Right Here.

If you’re down with awesome, hipsterhop from LA, then you’ve probably heard of U-N-I, but if you’re not, then this will be your first experience.  U-N-I, who recently played a great set at Bumbershoot’s Fisher Green stage are some of the brightest stars today.

Download Land of the Kings.

And as a note, all the songs that are linked for download are already floating around the interwebiverse – we’re not blowing up anyone’s spot here.


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