No on 1033 at 10:33

Think I-1033 is a bad idea? So do we. And so do a lot of Washingtonians – especially when they know that the sponsor is Tim Eyman, a perennial figure in Washington politics. Just today, Eyman released a poll (via Publicola) showing I-1033 passing with 61% of the vote, but a previous poll shows support at just 51%. What accounts for that difference? Well, in large part it’s a low level of knowledge about the initiative and its impacts – the more folks know, generally, the less they support it. Also, as soon as folks hear Eyman’s name support drops a couple of pressure points.

The moral? Know thy initiative, and tell thy friends. Hell, tell them to check right here at 10:33 every morning – they’ll get all the facts they can handle.


2 Responses to “No on 1033 at 10:33”

  1. 1 Sarajane46th
    September 29, 2009 at 11:04 am

    Good to know Tim Eyman’s name has reverse brand identity. What would it take for him to give up and go away? Oh. I know. It would take Kemper Freeman and other deep pockets funders to stop paying his mortgage. They expect to recover their investment in property tax refunds.

    I-1033 is just a cynical paycheck on Eyman’s part. But for people falling through the safety net, it’s lives lost, homes, health, children’s educations, good jobs gone. Eyman is opposed to giving people at the bottom their dignity and a hand up.

  2. 2 Will
    September 29, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Rassmusen polls (the firm Eyman used to get his 61% number) is notorious for doing polls in a way that will get the numbers their client wants. Nate Silver, polling guru and stats genius, usually doesnt even include the numbers Rasussen comes up with because they are so skewed. So dont be worried, the new poll says nothing about I-1033’s chances on election day and everything about the less-than-honest tactics its proponents are using to boost its profile.

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