Gabe’s Picks – October 12

Bringing back “old school hip hop” has been in vogue for the past few years, but few rappers can actually pull it off.  Either sounding fake, or like they’re trying too hard, most rappers are ignored when they try and channel Eric B and Rakim.  Fortunately for us Golden Era lovers, Pacific Division manage to pull it off bringing fun Southern California rhymes over heavy 808’s.  Pacific Division comprises of brothers Like and Mibbs and friend BeYoung.  The group started making music in high school and have been rolling since.  The group is getting ready to release an album and have released a series of mixtapes since 2006.



As hip hop has become more technology oriented, genre lines have been blurred and many artists are influenced by electronic, funk, soul, rock and other types of music.  Mickey Factz epitomizes the new hip hop artist using every possible genre in his recorded music and often bringing a full band to his live performances.  Factz has also been at the front of the music movement, putting his mixtapes on the internet for free since 2006 and has garnered attention from publications like Spin, The Fader, Vibe, XXL and even MTV.




Wolf Parade started recording music in Montreal in 2003.  The band was signed to Seattle indie label  Sub Pop in 2004 and have taken off from there.  Now in indie rock’s elite, Wolf Parade’s individual artists have contributed side projects like Sunset Rubdown (Spencer Krug) and the Handsome Furs (Dan Boeckner.)  Wolf Parade has released two LP’s and now reside in hipster hotspot Portland.




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