The Progressive Voters Guide

Pretend the "1937" is "2009". Yeaaaah.

Pretend the "1937" is "2009". Yeaaaah.

Oh hey there, did you know there’s an election coming up? Yes? Excellent. We kind of hoped you did. But who to vote for? That’s the million dollar question! Now, at the Bus, we don’t make endoresements, but we do have a lot of smart friends with smart opinions. We’ve put together the Progressive Voters Guide, your one-stop shop for all things voting. No matter where you live in Washington, just plug in your address, and you’ll see all the races you can vote for, and which progressive groups have endorsed which candidates. Seriously, it’s like butter.

So read the Progressive Voters Guide, use it, and send it out to everyone you know!



Seriously, go now.


1 Response to “The Progressive Voters Guide”

  1. 1 Green n Gold
    October 19, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    Vee must have progress!

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