…speaking of climate change…

…you want to do something about it, right? Here’s an easy one –

This Saturday (October 24th) is the 350 International Day of Climate Action. People across the globe will take a stand for climate solutions with over 4,000 events worldwide and yep, there’s one going down in our own little corner of the world at the Seattle Center.

photo courtesy of earthbeatradio.org

photo courtesy of earthbeatradio.org

350 is an important number. Why, do you ask? Well, the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is over 385 parts per million (PPM) right now. We don’t know much, but we know that’s a LOT. The people in the know tell us 350 PPM is the safe upper limit.

There’s a lot of little things we can do to make that number go down.  So, walk, ride your bike, skate or bus down to the Seattle Center this Saturday from 2-5pm and learn how you can save the world. Oh yeah, and at 3pm they’re going to be making a ginormous 350 out of people.

Check out www.350.org for more info.


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