Gabe’s Pick’s – October 26

Not necessarily new artists this week, but some new/old songs that you should most definitely have.

Virginia brothers Malice and Pusha T AKA Clipse have been on the rap seen since their breakout album Lord Willin’ dropped in 2001.  Known for constantly delayed albums and cutthroat rhymes, Clipse’s albums are always special.  Till The Casket Drops should be dropping in November, but in all likelihood it will be pushed back to sometime next year.  The second single, Popular Demand (Popeyes) featuring Cam’ron, strays from the groups recent foray into club rap and brings them back to their roots.

Popular Demand (Popeyes) ft. Cam’ron

Download Link




The Hood Intenet has always been a bit cliche, but every once in a while, their songs really work.  The two Chicago DJ’s  mash mainstream hip hop with hipster electronic and alternative music.  Most of the time, it results in an average remix that is less than the two halves, but their mashup of Ludacris and She & Him is perfect.

Sentimental Mouths (Ludacris vs She & Him) – The Hood Internet

Download Here


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