What Else Is There To Do On A Thursday Night…

If you enjoy mid to late 90’s hip hop, free music, or local music venues, then you should check out Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) and Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) in one of their two shows tonight.  The first show is a free show at Easy Street Records in Lower Queen Anne.  The Easy Street show starts at 6 and although it will be shorter than the Neumos show, Easy Street is one of the coolest free venues in the city.  The Neumos show starts at 8, costs 18 dollars and also features Mr. Lif and Lyrics Born.

Chali 2na joined Jurassic 5 in 1993 and is a giant on the mic both literally and figuratively.  Standing well over 6 feet tall with one of the deepest voices in the game, Chali 2na brings his dominating, thoughtful bars to any track he’s on.

Blackalicious is traditionally one of the most underrated groups in all of hip hop.  Gift of Gab and DJ Xcel started Blackalicious in 1992 and have released 3 classic full length albums.  Gift of Gab spits impressive multi-syllabic raps and is a constant on “Best West Coast Rappers” list.


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