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  • My precious: You know why we like local politics? Trick question! All politics is local! And it’s becoming increasingly clear, especially as budget cuts move from the big things (education) to the small things (Washington State Cranberry Commission). Now, obviously the Cranberry Commission is a big deal to, say, cranberry farmers, but it’s interesting that as issues get more specific, and affects a simililarly specific constituency, resistance to cuts goes up. Chris Grygiel over at the Seattle PI ruminates on why it’s easier to see major cuts to education funding than relatively minor eliminations. Worth thinking about as we move toward the wild ride that is Oly Oly Oly.
  • My prerogative: Who wants to rewrite the tax code this legislative session? A bunch of folks, including much of the majority-party leadership in the State House and Senate. One person that doesn’t? State Rep Ross Hunter, the former Microsofter, Kirkland-repper, numbers-cruncher, and candidate for County Executive. Ross’s take: it would be very easy to make mistakes given how short this year’s legislative session will be. At it’s core, the point is reasonable: this is a big task, don’t eff it up. But in a year of cuts across the board, thoughts on how revenue is structured will very likely remain on the table.
  • My pride: Sometimes Pioneer Square gets a bad rap. Wait. Oftentimes, Pioneer Square gets a bad rap. As the oldest chunk of Seattle, the neighborhood oozes personality. And as a hotspot for both sports bars and shelters, it can be a confusing and seemingly-unrooted community. One constant has been the Elliott Bay Book Store, that warm, clanky literary nook. Now the bookstore is moving out, heading up to Capitol Hill and new bigger digs. It’s a huge transition for Pioneer Square, and its earned an endearing and realistic look by the newspaper of record down Southern California Way, the Los Angeles Times. Read it, and then go buy a book from your local purveyour. It’s hard times out there for the small guys.

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