This Thursday – FestiBus!

We are T-Minus three (3) days out from your favorite holiday party. We have some exciting news about who will be there, and what you’ll be doing, and we’re going to be releasing them one. Day. At. A. Time. Because we can, and we’re coo like that.

Exciting News Day One: The (free) food for FestiBus will be cooked onsite by none other than Pai Pongsupaht, proprietor of the nascent and eponymously-named food truck, Pai’s. That means the food is going to be HELLA good. And you get to eat it. When you come to FestiBus, this Thursday, from 6-8 pm at Bus HQ (1100 E Union St, Suite 1E).

Get that!


1 Response to “This Thursday – FestiBus!”

  1. 1 nasonator
    November 30, 2009 at 6:54 pm

    That Pai is hot stuff! How’d you land him for FestiBus?

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