Hella News Flash

Doesn't this guy ever get tired?

This news is fresh like rain water.

  • Check your ed: Dammit. The Gov’s first run at the 2010 budget estimates is, shall we say, craptastic for higher education. General funding? Down by $89.5 million. State funding for need-based scholarships? Cut by fifty percent. Overall crappiness? Up by approximately 300% (there’s no link for that, it’s just a fact of life). Thoughts, students?
  • Another one bites the dust: Representative Brian Baird, repping (aha!) the 3rd Congressional District down Vancouver way, isn’t running for re-election. The immediate result? A spate of declarations for his seat, growing seemingly every day. The latest from State Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (D-Spokane)? “Enough friends and colleagues considering 3rd district Congressional seat to field a softball team.” Thank you Twitter, for bringing us such nuggets.
  • We’re not gonna take it: Or are we? What’s a state to do when times are tough and programs are getting cut left and right? Well, for the first time in YEARS, there’s actually talk of bringing in new funding. This would be, as the kids are saying, a “game-changer”.

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