We’re doing all this fun stuff holy crap isn’t it fun

Not this Parliament

No but really guys, check this out: The Bus is putting on these two shows featuring what some musicologists might call HIP HOP ARTISTS. They’re gonna be really good. Promise. Oh, and one is free.

The Bus is pleased to present:

PARLIAMENT! at the Vera Project on Thursday, January 14 (doors at 7:30). Our fine friends 10th & Commerce, State of the Artist, and Brothers from Another will proceed and continue to rock the mic. And  there will also be Olympia- not the kind that comes in a can so much as the kind that will have all sorts of interesting updates on Washington’s environment.  Yes yes I know you can hardly contain the excitement. But you’ll have to wait nine more days. They won’t be there till then. Really. Don’t camp out. But remember: this here show is FREE for the first 200 people. So maybe do camp out. I dunno. I mean, that’s silly anyway. Who would want to see the next wave of local hip-hop before they all blow up for free?

Also, BINARY STAR will be at the Nectar Lounge on Sunday, January 17 (doors at 8:00, bar for 21+ with ID). Binary Star is of course that Detroit-area crew that recently reunited. Oh yes. They’re probably the most successful MCs to release an album named after a Kevin Costner movie (Dances with Wolves is of course the worst received album from Method and Red). And some schlubs named Massive Monkees, D. Black, Canary Sing, and DJ Marc Sense will be opening. Yeah, I know, totally not worth your time. But it is apparently worth Vitamin D’s time, cause he’s hosting it. It’s not free, but its $10—we’re all about value here at the Bus.


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