cool stuff of the day, parts 1 and 2

Obviously we at the Bus are all cool stuff all the time… but this hurr post fills your quota for really cool stuff in case you had a lousy morning. Don’t worry: the afternoon still has upside. Part One should demonstrate that much: I believe in you, and so does Diamond Dave:

Not all of us have striped catsuits, biplanes, or boom boxes, but you damn well better have a trapeze, know what I’m sayin?

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Part Two involves pondering the hugeness of the world… pondering the hugeness of Eddie Van Halen’s hair circa 1984 is reserved for Part I. We at the Bus are big advocates of StumbleUpon, a browser add-on that helps us waste time on the Internet more efficiently. Yesterday it led us to this totally awesome site called “earth album alpha” (yes, I also think it sounds like a mid-’90s Van Halen album)* which, through the magic of Google maps, let you look at just about any picture of anywhere courtesy of Flickr:

Like this purdy hi-def picture of St. Petersburg, or shopping for seaweed in Seoul. It’s fun for that sort of tourism, but there’s also absolutely nothing on flickr when you click on a place like Tehran cause of the repressive, anti-speech/Internet regime there. The world is real, real big and real, real different. It’s nice to be from Washington.

*A horrible time for humanity. I mean, the catsuit alone tells you how dumb it was to fire Diamond Dave.


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