the big unit

Hey M’s fans… the Bus is also real excited about this offseason (CLIFF LEE! Chone Figgins, the Game Master) but we want to direct your attention to a former M’s icon, the great Randy Johnson, pictured here rocking the hell out. So many memories: Kingdogs, the mullet, the ‘stache, winning a couple baseball games of minor significance. The reason we draw your attention to the Unit is that he retired yesterday and is clearly, obviously the Bestest Lefty Of All Time. And if not that, certainly the freakin scariest. The man freaking EXPLODED A BIRD WITH HIS FASTBALL. Anyway, hats of to you Unit, you crazy K machine.

videos below the jump


1 Response to “the big unit”

  1. 1 pajsammich
    January 8, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    eagle hardware and garden kept it real. now all we got is lowes… whats up with that?

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