Gabe’s Picks – Parliament Edition

Parliament is only four days away and three of Puget Sound’s (now the Saline Sea) most promising hip hop groups are performing.  The first, Brothers From Another, consists of two high school students from Seattle’s own Lakeside High School.  Channeling late 80’s and early groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Eric B. and Rakim, BFA attempts to bring hip hop back to its rawest form.  You can download BFA’s new Too Soon? EP Here.

The second group performing at Parliament is State of the Artist.  Over the past few months, SOTA crew has flooded the Seattle hip hop market with free albums, mixtapes and EP.  You can download SOTA’s music over on their Bandcamp page.

10th and Commerce, hailing from Tac-Town, is the third and final group performing and Parliament.  10th and Commerce fuses funk, alt-rock and hip hop that translates perfectly to an energetic live show.  The group was started by Tacoma rapper Rockwell Powers and just put out their first release, the Instruments and Parties EP.  Buy Instruments and Parties at Parliament!

10th & Commerce’s Video for “Go Figure” from DeliKAT Productions on Vimeo.


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