My Philosophy x Parliament

El Mizell

First off, a huge tip o’ the beard to the man himself, Mr. Larry Mizell Jr, for a fantastic shout-out to Parliament in this week’s My Philosophy. If you are, perhaps, under a rock somewhere, My Philosophy is the Stranger’s weekly hip hop column, and has been a mainstay of the Northwest music scene for some time now. Having Larry’s seal of approval is, well, let’s just say it’s pretty sweet. All credit in the world is due to the amazing Bus intern crew for putting together Parliament as such an amazing event, and for booking such solid music through and through. Ya’ll are awesome.

Here’s what Mister Mizell had to say:

Fat shout-out to the good folks over at Washington Bus, who may have recently lost a little Twitter contest to my crew They Live! but are nonetheless dope for getting politically minded young folk active and cracking at those halls of power. The Bus is throwing a concert/party/pro-environment event on January 14 at the Vera Project called Parliament. It features Rockwell Powers and 10th & Commerce (who look to have new stuff on deck), State of the Artist, and Brothers from Another, plus free Cupcake Royale cupcakes for the fatties (right here).

Much apprediate the support Larry! See you at Parliament, Thursday (tomorrow!) at the Vera Project at 7:30.


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